Roman Numeral Ring

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This ring is UNISEX: Make a truly unique statement when you wear your very own personalized Roman Numeral Ring, intricately cut out with Roman Numerals for any meaningful date in your life.

Type in original date FORMAT : MM.DD.YYYY - We will convert for you! EXAMPLE June 19, 2020 = VI.XIX.MMXX

Select your favorite material, from Sterling Silver to 24K Gold Plating to Rose Gold - a timeless handcrafted roman numeral ring you will cherish.

If you have a simple and understated style, and love our range of dainty custom rings, you will absolutely fall in love with this customized roman number ring, and can even give a matching one to your significant other. Order today!

Please allow 2-3 weeks to process, manufacture AND ship ! Thank you . 
1.2mm / 0.04″